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As a five year old at his father's service station, owner, Rick Wood hopped on a milk crate to sponge the bug guts off windshields. Out of high school, he turned down a scholarship to Texas Tech University to go to work.  His Dad always believed you should get out and go to work.  Wood did just that and never regretted his decision.  He now owns a convenience store in Kansas and seven in northeastern Oklahoma, including venues in Adair, Vinita, Big Cabin, Ketchum, Welch, and Afton.  He keeps tabs on operations at all his Woodshed stores from corporate headquarters in Edna, Kansas, just across the Oklahoma border.  Wood attributes most of his success  to treating his customers and employees right, just as his father taught him.  Wood opened his first Woodshed in Edna in 1996.  There are several of Wood's employees that have been here since the beginning.  "We try to pay them well enough so they aren't quitting all the time," he says.  "We have ladies who are farmers' and ranchers' wives that have been here long-term.  They are honest, hardworking people.  That helps a lot."  Wood has five trucks with his own drivers who haul to expedite the transport of fuel, the price of which can fluctuate several times daily.  His success has also led him to opening up a premier hunting lodge recently located by the Oklahoma/ Kansas border.  The Woodshed Ranch caters to small groups and corporate retreats.  The idea of the Lodge is to instill memories for everyone that drives through the front gate.  He also has a team of dedicated workers that have been there building that dream since it was created in 2019.  

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